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Grässlin Rondomatic 400

Grässlin Rondomatic 400

Grässlin Rondomatic 400

versorgt Ihre Fische bis zu 28 Tage
  55.90 EUR 

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  • Der Grässlin Rondomatic 400 ist ein komfortabler Futterautomat. Er gewährleistet die sichere Versorgung Ihrer Zierfische während Ihrer Abwesenheit. Das Gerät kann bei allen Aquarien verwendet werden. Es sind 2 verschiedene Montagearten möglich- der Grässlin Rondomatic 400 Futterautomat wird an der Scheibe befestigt, oder auf die Abdeckung gestellt. Das Befestigungmaterial ist im Lieferumfang enthalten. Es stehen 28 Futterschalen zur Verfügung. Die Schalen können individuell befüllt werden. Dies ist der Große Vorteil des Grässlin Rondomatic 400. Während andere Futterautomaten nur eine Futterkammer haben und somit immer das gleiche Futter ausgegeben wird, können beim Grässlin Rondomatic 400 alle Schalen mit jeweils anderem Futter befüllt werden. Volumen je Futterschale: 3,5 ml. Diese Futterschalen sind abnehmbar und können auch in der Spülmaschine gereinigt werden. Abmessungen: Durchmesser: 16,5 cm, Höhe: 3,5 cm. Der Grässlin Rondomatic 400 wird mit Sicherheitskleinspannung 24 Volt betrieben. Es sind keine Batterien notwendig.

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    am 19.12.2015:
    I bought this feeder back in May of 2015. I could not find it in the US and bought it from this web site. The sales person was reluctant to sell it to me because of the voltage differences between Europe and the USA but I told the sales person that I could convert the voltage. I bought a Goldsource STU-200 Step Up/Down voltage transformer on Amazon for about $18 and that's how I power the Rondomatic 400.

    I set it all up and watched it in action before in lieu of going on vacation. What I found was that it was gaining about 12 minutes per hour. It must be getting its timing signal from the 50 Hz whereas we use 60 Hz in the US. The math works out, anyway. No problem! I put an appliance timer on the voltage transformer and turn it off at 03:00 AM and turn it back on at 07:00 AM, which syncs everything back up.

    The other issue I had to deal with is that the humidity coming off of my tank was causing the food to cake in the feeder. I solved that problem by buying a Thermaltake Mobile Fan II External USB cooling fan, also from Amazon, for about $13. This fan has a speed dial on it. I have it blowing a faint breeze across the feeder to keep the humidity from condensing.

    This configuration has worked FLAWLESSLY for about 7 months. I have a 120 gallon tank with a fair number of fish. I feed 4 little "buckets" of food per day, and it has never failed me. I use it every day for the convenience of measured feeding at consistent times of day.

    I did a lot of research on automatic feeders and this had the best engineering by far. You can mix any kind of food in the little buckets and it will work. I mix flakes, BB-sized pellets and small sand grain sized food and no problem! The other buckets get algae discs and can fit three of the kind I buy. For some reason, Grasslin decided to not sell them in the US any longer. Other similar feeders have open bottoms and the food rubs against the bottom of the feeder which can grind it up. Not so with the Rondomatic 400.

    The only other thing I could do to make this more bulletproof would be to run everything through a UPS to cover times when the electricity goes off, but that almost never happens here.