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JBL Test-Set O² -Sauerstoff-

Packungsinhalt ausreichend für ca. 50 Einzeltests.
JBL Test-Set O² -Sauerstoff-

JBL Test-Set O² -Sauerstoff-

für Süß- und Meerwasser
 Test-Set 13.29 EUR 
 Nachfüllpack 7.19 EUR 

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  • Das JBL Sauerstoff Test Set O² dient zur Messung und routinemäßigen Kontrolle des Sauerstoffgehaltes in Süß- und Meerwasseraquarien, sowie Leitungswasser und Gartenteich innerhalb eines Bereiches von 1 - 10 mg/l (ppm).

    Genau anzeigender Test für Sauerstoffgehalt in Süß- und Meerwasseraquarien sowie Gartenteiche.
    Wichtig bei Einsatz von Algenmitteln, da nach Absterben der Algen viel Sauerstoff verbraucht wird.
    Sollte nachts in stark bepflanzten Aquarien kontrolliert werden, da dann große Mengen O2 verbraucht werden.
    Packungsinhalt ausreichend für ca. 50 Einzeltests

    -Bestellen Sie das komplette Test-Set mit Farbkarte und Test-Utensilien oder nur die Reagenzien im Nachfüllpack.

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    am 31.07.2017:
    This is a somewhat, I imagine, less popular test, but for me it was literally a life saver. I have four tanks and one turned out to be a real problem tank. This is a very heavily planted tank with mostly fast-growing plants and some floating plats as well. However, fish kept dying, with some regularity. I would not say the tank was overstocked and I can’t say I overfed. I don’t dose CO2 or any such fancier stuff, just basic plant tank with gravel caped soil. The tank was fully cycled, no nitrite, nitrates topping out at a maximum of 5-10mg/l due to plant growth. Ammonia none. PO4 always low due to growth. Desperately I tested Fe and even my tap and tank water for Cu, all good (Fe) or not detectable (Cu). So finally, I stared to think and I bought this O2 test. In the evening after a full day with lights on all was fine, O2 maxed out. But in the morning not so! Due to only pruning the plants every other week or so, the plants in the tank became more and more shadowed, this in combination with some decaying plant matter from the heavy plant growth, paired with the fishes’ oxygen demand, as well as some oxygen required by the plants during the dark hours lead a massive overnight drop in oxygen in my tank! Really low! I have since removed the floating plants (even though they remove nitrates like nothing else), also installed a small powerhead for better circulation and even put and air stone on a timer that runs for a few hours in the middle of the night. So, this O2 test turned out to be my most useful test I ever bought, on pair with a nitrite test, and I highly recommend it to anyone with a planted tank hoping the plants will provide the fish with all oxygen they need. Check if they really do!