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JBL Universal-Saughalter 12/16 mm

  • Universal Sauger mit Clip (2 Stck) fr Rohre mit der Gre 12/16 mm, sehr gute Saugkraft, lange Lebensdauer

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    JBL Universal-Saughalter 12/16 mm
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    am 01.11.2016:
    I think that JBL suction cups are much better than the Eheim ones. While Eheim suction cups start to harden and loose their grip after only a few months, JBL suction cups stay unchanged and fully operational at least over a year. These suction cups are in my opinion not exactly the same as the ones that come with the JBL Cristalprofi filters, these have a slightly rougher surface, but function as well nonetheless (and are cheaper). This set has also smaller clips (width only 12mm). If you want the same kind of clips (and suction cups) that came with your Cristalprofi filter, then you should buy the FixSet suction cup set.

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