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Söchting Oxydator D

Der Söchting Oxydator erzeugt nach einem patentierten Verfahren mittels Oxydator-Lösung und einem speziellem Keramik-Katalysator normalen und aktivierten Sauerstoff im Aquarium.
Söchting Oxydator D

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  • Der Söchting Oxydator erzeugt nach einem patentierten Verfahren mittels Oxydator-Lösung und einem speziellem Keramik-Katalysator normalen und aktivierten Sauerstoff im Aquarium. Der aktivierte Sauerstoff baut insbesondere Gift- und Fäulnisstoffe ab, verbessert damit die Wasserqualität und trägt wesentlich zum Wohlbefinden von Fischen und Pflanzen bei. Der reine Sauerstoff, der vom Söchting Oxydator erzeugt wird, wird zum größten Teil unmittelbar, und deshalb ohne Bläschenbidlung, im Wasser geslöst. Die Sauerstoffzufuhr erfolgt völlig lautlos, ein Austreiben von CO2 und ein Aufwirbeln des Bodengrundes wird vermieden.

    Der Söchting Oxydator D ist für Aquarien bis 100 Liter Inhalt geeignet. Die Oxydator-Lösung ist nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten.

    technische Daten Söchting Oxydator D:
    - Durchmesser 8,5 cm, Höhe 8,5 cm
    - Füllung: 125 ml 3-6%ige Oxydator-Lösung und 1 Katalysator

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    Söchting Katalysator für alle Oxydatoren2.39 * 1.49 €
    Söchting Oxydator-Lösung6.79 * 6.99 * 7.99 €
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    am 03.12.2015:
    for me, this device remains unclear. I could not find a normal instruction to him to understand how to use it as a fertilizer dispenser. And how oksidator I did not apply. Lying on the shelf.

    am 02.03.2016:
    @ Oleg A. - English


    Söchting oxidants provide aquariums and garden ponds, unlike conventional aerators with pure and activated oxygen in a unique combination of advantages:

    Pure oxygen produced by the oxidizer, is directly for the most part, and therefore achieved without the formation of bubbles in the water. The oxygen supply is absolutely noiseless, expelling of carbon dioxide and a swirling of ground (sludge) is avoided.

    Activated oxygen - loosely bound to water oxygen atoms - diffuses much more rapidly than normal, dissolved oxygen. Therefore, he also achieved non-flow angles and niches of your water body, penetrates the ground, making this an ideal biological filter.

    Activated oxygen oxidizes even without bacterial activity harmful intermediates such as nitrite and hydrocarbons to largely harmless end products such as nitrate, water and carbon dioxide

    Activated oxygen increases the redox potential (oxidizing power) of your water body, making it highly effective against algae.

    The advantages of adding hydrogen peroxide in acute oxygen starvation of the fish, with putrefaction and thereby occurring water turbidity in the pool, against spawn mold or at all for a better welfare of the fish have long been known. Another new feature is the continuous and in the long run much higher dose of hydrogen peroxide and its transformation into molecular oxygen and water through the Söchting Oxydator. The advantage is that water quality for fish will basically improves and prevents the occurrence of the above problems from the outset. This is made possible by special ceramics, which the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) completely to water (H2O) and normal oxygen (O2) degrades.

    is Improves water quality for fish on the one hand by the application of normal oxygen as with any aerators, is expelled without, however, which is important for plant carbon dioxide (CO2). On the other hand numerous toxins are rendered harmless exclusively by activated oxygen. To enable Söchting oxidants a significantly higher fish stocking and a greatly reduced water exchange. The amount of oxygen liberated is determined by the increasing with increasing temperature requirements of a busy body of water. An increase in temperature of 8 ° C. in each case a doubling of the amount of generated oxygen. The oxygen supply in one liter of a 30% solution of hydrogen peroxide corresponds to 156 grams of that amount, which is dissolved in about 20,000 liters of water.

    When Oxydator Mini two 82.5 ml bottles Oxydator solution are included.