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Dennerle Calanus FD Organic

Dennerle Calanus FD Organic is a natural plankton food for all ornamental fish.
Dennerle Calanus FD Organic

Dennerle Calanus FD Organic

natural plankton food
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  • Dennerle Calanus FD Organic is a natural plankton food for all ornamental fish. The 2 - 3 mm Calanus zooplankton feed on single-cell microalgae that serve as vitamin factories in our planet’s oceans, making them rich in nutrients and full of essential amino acids, proteins and unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. Calanus is the nutrient base for the gigantic schools of herring found in the North Atlantic, and is the most important link in the food chain there. Naturally occurring carotenoids, in particular astaxanthin, help produce vibrant colours. Aquarium fish love the taste of Calanus, and even tricky fish caught in the wild can become accustomed to dry food using this natural food. Dennerle Calanus FD organic is a suitable supplementary food for all types of aquarium fish. Dennerle Calanus FD is produced by freeze-drying, which preserves nutrients and aromas, and therefore has many advantages over commercially available frozen food.

    Dennerle is taking a brand new approach in feeding aquarium fish. That’s why Dennerle are committed to not adding any fish meal at all to their ornamental fish food during the manufacturing process! Fish meal and other cheap fillers are often added to industrially produced ornamental fish food, the recipes for which are frequently taken from industrial fish farming. Ist aim is a purely economic one: fast growth using minimal materials. Balanced nutrition tends to play a lesser role. In addition to avoiding preservatives, the new fish food is based on the Dennerle biotic system: a combination of prebiotics and probiotics with beta-glucan to regulate digestion and activate the immune system. Once again, Dennerle is a pioneer in this field, given that ornamental fish food has never before contained any probiotic lactic acid cultures. The effects of these new lactic acid bacteria are scientifically proven. They improve the intestinal flora, reduce undesirable germs and regulate digestion for less water pollution. The unique combination of ingredients in this innovative food supports these effects.

    Dennerle Calanus FD Organic
    + High proportion of natural colour-boosting ingredients
    + Encourages spawning and reproduction
    + Also suitable for larger fish (size 2-3 mm)
    + Can be used as an excellent breeding food
    + 100% zooplankton from the Arctic Ocean (Calanus finmarchicus)
    + High omega-3 and carotinoid content
    + No preservatives

    Dennerle Calanus FD means feeding based on nature's example. In the wild many aquarium fish eat mostly zooplankton in the form of small crustaceans. The buoyant FD food is made of 100% Arctic zooplankton, Calanus finmarchicus. With their high nutrient content, these crustaceans enrich the diet of all ornamental fish. Numerous essential amino acids and proteins serve as valuable nutrients. They form the basis for balanced growth and vitality. Natural marine oils provide readily available energy. The high concentration of essential, unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids is important for the formation and function of the brain and nerves. Naturally occurring carotenoids, in particular astaxanthin, help produce vibrant colours.

    Feeding recommendation for Dennerle Calanus FD Organic:
    Feed as much as the fish eat within 1 minute, once ore twice a day.

    Single-ingredient food as a supplementary food for ornamental fish

    Composition: 100% Arctic zooplankton (Calanus finmarchicus)

    Analytical constituents: Crude protein 67%, crude fat 35%, raw fibre 3.5%, crude ash 8%, moisture 5%

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    at 27.08.2015:
    meine Fische lieben dieses Futter, ich kann es daher nur empfehlen.

    at 14.02.2017:
    It doesn't smell good when you open the box.