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JBL ProFlora u001 CO2 pressure regulator

JBL ProFlora u001 CO2 pressure regulator

JBL ProFlora u001 CO2 pressure regulator

can be converted to refillable cylinders
  87.79 EUR 

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  • JBL ProFlora u001 is a high-quality CO2 pressure regulator for disposable CO2 cylinders. JBL has succeeded in developing one single fitting which can be used for refillable as well as disposable CO2 cylinders. By purchasing the JBL ProFlora Adapt u-m adaptor (cylinder connecting nut (W21.8x1/14 inch), the JBL ProFlora u001 fitting can be converted for use with refillable CO2 cylinders. A highly exact adjustment screw (needle valve) with easy grip and smooth operation, allows the required amount of CO2 to be set precisely and simply. The pressure in the cylinders and the operating pressure can be clearly read on two separate gauges. The operating pressure is pre-set at approx. 1.5 bar, a good level for CO2 in the aquarium. However, if wished, the user can adjust the operating pressure to meet their requirements. A safety valve ensures that excess pressure is safely released if the pressure is accidentally set too high, preventing damage to the JBL ProFlora u001 pressure regulator

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    at 10.04.2016:
    The valve it's not very precise