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JBL Test Kit CO2 Direct

JBL Test Kit CO2 Direct

JBL Test Kit CO2 Direct

for the measuring of the CO2 content
 Test Kit 11.95 EUR 
 Refill pack 6.65 EUR 

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  • The JBL Test Kit CO2 Direct is designed for quick and accurate determination of the carbon dioxide content in aquarium water.

    + Contains 2 reagents with colour comparison field.
    + Easy test to perform, where the droplet number is counted until the colour stays stable.
    + Determines the exact CO2 content, even if the pH value is reduced by adding acid.
    + refill pack available

    Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most important plant nutrient. Aquarium water usually has values between 2 and 4 mg/l if no carbon dioxide is added. However, a CO2 concentration between 15 and 30 mg/l is recommended, with 20 - 25 mg/l having proven to be optimum levels. This level is not harmful to fish whilst at the same time promoting luxuriant plant growth. Therefore, gradually adjust your CO2 fertilisation unit until this level is attained. The amount of CO2 which needs to be added to your CO2 fertilisation unit to achieve this value depends on various factors. These factors include water agitation and the intensity of illumination (more light causes plants to grow faster, thereby increasing the required CO2 ) in addition to direct consumption by plants. Thus the correct dose must be determined individually for each aquarium.

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    at 18.04.2016:
    This is a very good test to determine the exact CO2 value. The only downside is that if you have 20mg/l or above values, the test (or the reagent 2) won't last very long.

    at 17.12.2016:
    Leider findet sich nirgens ein Hinweis, dass man eine Blindprobe braucht. Hierfür braucht man eine Pumpe, um das CO2 ausrzutreiben, Bei mir genügte weder Mixer noch Rührbesen. Hierfür braucht man eine weitere Pumpe um einen Wert zu brauchen. Dies wird erst in der Anleitung beschrieben.