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JBL Test Kit Mg -Magnesium Freshwater-

+ for approx. 25 measurings.
JBL Test Kit Mg -Magnesium Freshwater-

JBL Test Kit Mg -Magnesium Freshwater-

measuring of the Magnesium content
 Test Kit 18.10 EUR 
 Refill pack 10.45 EUR 

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  • The JBL Test Kit Magnesium is designed for measuring and doing routine checks of magnesium content in freshwater aquariums within a range of 0-10 mg/l (ppm).

    + Indicates 0 to 10 as well as > 10 mg/l exactly (recommended value: 5-10 mg/l).
    + Very accurate test with 3 reagents.
    + The comparator system takes the existing intrinsic colour of the water into account.
    + With 2 glass tubes, syringe for the accurate measurement of 5 ml, reagents and laminated colour cards.
    + for approx. 25 measurings
    + refill pack available

    Magnesium and calcium together form the total hardness. Like potassium, magnesium is a macroelement which is required for healthy and strong plant growth. The magnesium levels in mains water (including water with a high total hardness) are very often too low for aquatic plants, so that deficiency symptoms appear after a short time already. The symptoms of magnesium deficiency are similar to those of iron deficiency. Yellowing (chlorosis) occurs between the veins of the leaves. This may be significantly more pronounced than in iron deficiency. Incurved leaves are another symptom. These symptoms are not just limited to old leaves and instead, also appear in new fresh leaves. As a result, the available magnesium concentrations may be too low, causing plant growth to stagnate, even if the aquarium water is fertilised regularly (e.g. weekly). We recommend daily measurements of the potassium concentration of your tank water initially. This permits determination of the plants requirements and corresponding correct dosing of the fertiliser. Afterwards, you can gradually change over to routine measurements carried out at longer intervals. The value should be somewhere between 5 and 50 mg/l for good plant growth.

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