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JBL Test Set Mg/Ca -magnesium/calcium-
JBL Test Set Mg/Ca -magnesium/calcium-

JBL Test Set Mg/Ca -magnesium/calcium-

Magnesium/Calcium test for marine water
 Test-Set 23.69 EUR 
 Refill pack Ca 9.49 EUR 
 Refill pack Mg 7.09 EUR 

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  • The JBL Mg + Ca Test Set is an easy to use drop test to measure the magnesium and calcium content of saltwater. As the magnesium content can only be measured by recording the sum of magnesium plus calcium, the two tests have been combined in one pack. The magnesium content can be calculated by subtracting the calcium content from the total value of Mg + Ca. The magnesium content should be approx. 1200 mg/l. The calcium content in marine water aquaria should be betwee 420-440 mg/l

    The JBL Test Set Mg/Ca -magnesium/calcium is a professional test kit to precisely determine the calcium and magnesium level in all marine aquariums. One drop of Mg reagent 2 = 100 mg/l magnesium. One drop of Ca reagent 3 = 20 mg/l calcium
    Insufficient levels of calcium and magnesium affect the growth of corals and stunt the growth of the attractive red calciferous algae.

    -You can oder the complete test kit with coloure chart and test accessories or only the reagents at the refill kit.

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    at 07.04.2016:
    Dieser Test scheint leider nicht sehr genau zu sein! Laut meiner Referenzlösung zeigt er einen viel zu niedrigen Magesum- und Calziumwert an.

    Nicht empfehlenwert :-(