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Juwel HeliaLux Day+ Night Control -LED Controller-

Juwel HeliaLux Day+ Night Control -LED Controller-

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  • Juwel HeliaLux Day+ Night Control is a lighting comtroller for the Juwel HeliaLux LED lighting units. With this controller you can create individual lighting sceanrios with sunrises and sunsets as well as moonlights. Light profiles for every single day of the week are storable. The setting of this Controller is made with a few steps and very easily.

    Juwel HeliaLux Day+ Night Control
    + simply star with preconfigured light profiles
    + daily routines programmable
    + up to 7 light profiles can be setted
    + separate control of the blue and white LED
    + blue moonlight for the night
    + a battery saves the settings during power failure
    + with holder for mounting the controller at the wall or aquarium cabinet

    Please Note: There is no possibility to connect two or more Juwel HeliaLux LED to one Controller. Each LED needs its own controller!

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  • Reviews for Juwel HeliaLux Day+ Night Control -LED Controller-:
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    at 25.08.2016:
    First impression of the Juwel HeliaLux Day+ Night Controller:

    The controller is placed between the power and the Helialux Led unit. At the beginning you have to set the time and date. Next step is to set the start and end time for the 4 light settings (dawn, sunrise, sunset and dusk) and corresponding light output of the white and blue leds. There are 7 profiles for each day of the week. I have set profile 1 for all days. Dawn form 07:00/08:00, sunrise from 09:00/10:00, sunset from 19:00/21:00 and dusk from 21:00 till 22:00. After 22:00 there is moonlight only using the blue leds.
    For profile 1 I have used the default output % for white and blue leds, but you can change them in whatever you like.

    The is a shop mode, demonstrating the dawn, sunrise, sunset and dusk. The results looks very nice.
    The language of the control unit is only English or German.
    The unit can be placed in a holder and you can take it out for easy programming.

    at 02.10.2016:
    super teil funktioniert sehr gut man kann alles gut einstellen sonnenaufgang bis untergang

    at 19.10.2016:
    Es ist ein tolles Steuergerät und läßt sich gut einstellen.

    at 20.10.2016:
    Bin beeindruckt und den Tieren gefällt der langsame Wechsel! Die Software wurde laut JUWEL erneuert. Nach Einsendung des Controller wird die Software aktualisiert und an den Besitzer zurückgesandt.