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Juwel HeliaLux LED -LED Lighting Unit-

Juwel HeliaLux LED -LED Lighting Unit-

Juwel HeliaLux LED -LED Lighting Unit-

LED lighting unit for Juwel aquariums
 550 mm - 24 W 139.90 EUR 
 600 mm - 24 W 145.90 EUR 
 700 mm - 28 W 154.90 EUR 
 800 mm - 28 W 159.90 EUR 
 920 mm - 35 W 175.90 EUR 
 1000 mm - 45 W 189.90 EUR 
 1200 mm - 54 W 225.90 EUR 
 1500 mm - 54 W 265.90 EUR 

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  • Juwel HeliaLux LED lighting unit suitable for all Juwel aquariums. The SMD LED`s guarantee maximum light power for optimal plant growth whilst offering up to a 50% energy saving compared to a same size T5 unit. The HeliaLux lighting unit can be installed very easily -simply replace the existing T5 or T8 lighting unit with the HeliaLux unit. The flaps from the cover can still be used. The Juwel HeliaLux LED lighting unit is suitable for all freshwater aquariums. The light coloure day creates a fantastic light for optimal plant growth and wonderful coloures of your fish and plants. With the optionally controller Juwel HeliaLux Day+ Night Control you can creates sunrise and sunsets with individual lighting scenarios, as well as moonlights.

    Juwel HeliaLux LED Lighting unit
    + easily replaces the T8 or T5 light in your Juwel aquarium
    + saves min. 50% energy compared to a T5 light in the same length
    + white and blue LED offer a wide spectrum of light
    + scratch proof safety glass for maximum light penetration
    + structured aluminium profile optimises heat dissipation - therefore longer lifetime of the LED
    + with high-tech membrane as moisture ingress
    + daylight: 7200 K, for all freshwater aquariums
    + Colour Rendering Index (CRI): 85
    + Controller Juwel HeliaLux Day+ Night Control optionally available

    Juwel HeliaLux LED 550
    - length: 550 mm
    - 24 W
    - 2900 Lumen
    - suitable for: Trigon 350, Delta 80, Lido 100

    Juwel HeliaLux LED 600
    - length: 600 mm
    - 24 W
    - 3000 Lumen
    - suitable for: Lido 120

    Juwel HeliaLux LED 700
    - length: 700 mm
    - 28 W
    - 3500 Lumen
    - suitable for: Trigon 190, Lido 200, Delta 100, Delta 300

    Juwel HeliaLux LED 800
    - length: 800 mm
    - 28 W
    - 2500 Lumen
    - suitable for: Rio 125, Panorama 80

    Juwel HeliaLux LED 920
    - length: 920 mm
    - 35 W
    - 4375 Lumen
    - suitable for: Vision 180

    Juwel HeliaLux LED 1000
    - length: 1000 mm
    - 45 W
    - 5625 Lumen
    - suitable for: Rio 180, Rio 200, Panorama 100, Trigon 350, Delta 300

    Juwel HeliaLux LED 1200
    - length: 1200 mm
    - 54 W
    - 6750 Lumen
    - suitable for: Rio 240, Rio 300, Vision 260, Panorama 200

    Juwel HeliaLux LED 1500
    - length: 1500 mm
    - 54 W
    - 6750 Lumen
    - suitable for Rio 400, Vision 450

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    at 25.08.2016:
    First impression of the Juwel Helialux:
    Nice built black aluminium strip with the leds and electronics. Led are white and blue (moonlight). You can use the original flaps from the T5 light unit.
    At the beginning it looks you have got less light comparing to the standard T5/reflectors, but after a while you will see more light is reaching the bottom of the aquarium and you have got more light at the left and right site of the aquarium.
    Without the led controller itís on or off. Iím using the Helialux with the Juwel Led controller.
    I canít say anything about plant grown, time is to short.

    at 01.10.2016:
    sehr gutes licht habe ein juwel trigon190
    kann ich nur empfehlen

    at 17.11.2016:
    nur zum empfehlen super Licht

    at 13.04.2017:
    Wonderful light, energy saving 2 times. Juwel time to abandon fluorescent lamps.

    at 21.04.2017:
    Bin begeistert, super Leuchtkraft bis auf den Aquariumgrund.

    Mit dem "HeliaLux Day+Night Control" einfach nur spitze.!

    at 23.04.2017:
    Installed onto my Juwel Rio 180 as an additional lighting together with a basic lighting to provide total light amount sufficient for plant type aqua. It is too early to estimate in detail plants reaction but I see start of intensive oxygen generation on the leaves and it is clear good sign that plants like the new additional light. Also I was afraid that light from the lighting will be something blue, but in reality it looks white and natural. Thanks to Juwel for the effective device !!