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ORCA Underwater Glue

ORCA Underwater Glue

ORCA Underwater Glue

bounds and seals under water
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 75 g 9.90 EUR (132.00 €/kg) 
 450 g 19.90 EUR (44.22 €/kg) 

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  • The Aquarium Münster ORCA underwater glue contains no solvents, isocyanates or silicones and is therefore not harmful to fish or plants. Aquarium Münster ORCA is ideal for sealing of aquaria or garden ponds as well as for bonding decoration materials. Thanks to its extremely high adhesive strength and hardness of more than 56 Shore A orca underwater glue bonds nearly every material and can even be employed for industrial applications, especially wherever the task at hand invelves sealing in the presence of moisture or at atypical temperature ranges. Aquarium Münster ORCA underwater glue is extremely resistant to UV and age. It can be used without a primer directly even in a filled aquarium or garden pond.

    Anyone who ever had a leaking aquarium on the weekend, will be feeling save, having available a cartouche of Aquarium Münster ORCA underwater glue all the time.

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    at 11.04.2017:
    Der Kleber ist nicht ganz einfach unter Wasser zu benutzen. Dies liegt in der Natur der Sache. Wenn es nicht auf Schönheit ankommt, it dies jedoch egal. Die Klebekraft ist nach einem Tag einwandfrei gegeben.