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Plant Tong with scissors

Plant Tong with scissors

Plant Tong with scissors

Plant tong an scissors
 50 cm 4.95 EUR 
 70 cm 6.29 EUR 

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  • Aquatlantis Aquarium and Plant Tong with scissors for every use in the aquarium. With the tong it is very easy to arrange items in the aquarium, without needing to put the hand in the aquarium water. With the integrated scissors you can cut plants or leaves.

    Aquatlantis Plant Tong
    + Plant tong for every aquarium use
    + for decoration and cleaning works
    + integrated scissors function
    + sturdy and durable model
    + available in two versions: 50 cm and 70 cm

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    at 29.03.2017:
    Die Funktion der integrierten Schere ist ein Witz , wenn man damit etwas schneiden will verbiegt sich die ganze Zange, nicht zu empfehlen.