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Arcadia Arc Pod Original Tropical

Arcadia Arc Pod Original Tropical

Arcadia Arc Pod Original Tropical

the small aquarium light
 9 W 33.90 EUR 
 11 W 35.95 EUR 

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  • The Arcadia Arc Pod aquarium lamp is designed to allow it to be clamped onto the rim of a tank (glass width 4-12mm) or attached to the underside of an aquarium hood. The Arcadia Arc Pod is available in two sizes to suit a range of small aquariums. The 9W model is suitable for aquariums up to 30cm wide, while the 11W model suits tanks up to 40cm. When mounted to the rim of an aquarium the ARC POD™ can be tilted upwards for easy access to the to the tank and can be removed and replaced easily, making lamp changing simple!

    Arcadia Arc Pod small aquarium lamp:
    +Easy to fit
    +Waterproof (to IP67 standard)
    +Low Maintenance
    +Easy Lamp Change
    +9 W, length: 205 mm
    +11 W, length: 275 mm
    +Built-in Reflector- directs 100% of the light into the tank

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