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Arcadia Classica Aqua-Brite LED Spot RGB

Arcadia Classica Aqua-Brite LED Spot RGB

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  • Arcadia Classica Aqua-Brite LED Spot RGB:
    + USB powered, submersible LED spotlight with 6 multi coloure LED (red-green-blue)
    + excellent accent illumination for plants and ornaments
    + spotlight rotates and tilts to any position
    + easily fixes by sucker to aquarium base or walls
    + can be screw fixed to aquarium hoods
    + supplied with sucker mounted cable-tidy
    + colour change unit constantly changes the look of your tank
    + can be use together with Aqua-Brite decoration modules (treasure box, skull, etc.)
    + requires single USB power supply or 4-way HUB

    Arcadia Classica Aqua-Brite is a small LED spot with 6 single LED for use in aquariums. The small LED Spot can be use totally submersible. A single power adapter or a 4-way HUB is needed for the operation of the Aqua-Brite LED spot. With the 4-way HUB you can operate up to 4 spots together.

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    at 10.02.2016:
    Gute Qualität, schöne und klare Lichteffekte! Ansprechendes Design +
    leichte Anbringung/Handhabung/Bedienung! Empfehlenswert! :-)

    at 23.03.2017:
    Wunderschönes Nachtlicht :-)