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Arcadia ECO-AQUA LED Spot 30 Watt

Arcadia ECO-AQUA LED Spot 30 Watt

Arcadia ECO-AQUA LED Spot 30 Watt

High power LED Spot
 Freshwater 195.90 EUR 
 Marine White 195.90 EUR 
 Blue 195.90 EUR 
 White XPG 235.90 EUR 

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  • The Arcadia Eco-Aqua 30W LED Spotlight is a new high performance LED light source that replicates the lit effect of metal halide lamps with a closely packed cluster of high-power LEDs and a range of interchangeable lenses. The spotlight uses a die cast aluminium housing with a unique finned design to eliminate the need for cooling fans and can be clamped to the side of the aquarium, or suspended over the tank with an optional suspension kit. Available in four LED colour combinations, the Eco-Aqua spotlight can be used for both marine and freshwater aquariums and is suitable for use as the primary light source.

    + passive cooling without the need for fans
    + long life span
    + waterproof (IP67) LED light unit
    + low energy consumption
    + adjustable position and angle over aquarium
    + interchangeable lenses available
    + for use with Marine and Freshwater Aquariums
    + Marine White and Freshwater models use a mix of white and coloured CREE XPE LEDs for optimum aquatic colour rendition maximum light output
    + mounting arm and bracket allow easy fitting to aquarium rim and adjustment of spotlight angle
    + range of additional mounting and lens accessories
    + low voltage IP67 lamp with remote mains driver and power switch

    technical Data Arcadia ECO-AQUA LED Spot 30 W:
    Marine White: 30W, Lens 40°, LED: CREE XPE, x8 White 8000K, x4 Blue 450nm
    Marine Blue: 30W, Lens 120°, LED: CREE XPE, x6 Blue 450nm, x6 Blue 460nm
    White XPG: 30W, Lens 120°, LED: CREE XPG, x12 White 6500K
    Freshwater: 30W, Lens 120°, LED: CREE XPE, x8 White 6500K, x2 Blue 460nm, x2 Red 620nm

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    at 28.11.2015:
    In August 2014 I have bought the Arcadia Eco-Aqua Led freshwater Spot as a replacement for a 70 watt metal halide spot that a used above some cacti that I grow inside without natural sunlight. What happened was that I got flowers from some cacti what never happened with the metal halide lamp. I used the 60° lens for this and since the led spot produces less heat, the spot can be put closer to the plants. The metal halide is also a lot worse in the rendering of natural colors.
    The last six months I am using the spot above a 60 cm tank with cryptorines and small rainbow fishes. The color rendering is very good and I like the spot effect of the lamp.
    I would certainly buy this spot again.