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Arcadia Freshwater Pro

Arcadia Freshwater Pro

Arcadia Freshwater Pro

bulb for planted aquariums
 24 W 14.95 EUR 
 39 W 15.95 EUR 
 54 W 19.95 EUR 

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  • The Arcadia Frehswater Pro is a T5 fluorescent lamp with extra high output especially designed for all planted freshwater aquariums. Natural colour enhancing the appearance of planted aquariums.

    + bright white light with soft green tint
    + colour temperature: 6,600 K
    + excellent colour rendition
    + enhances the rich green in plants
    + supports aquatic plant life

    Arcadia Freshwater Pro
    24 W, length= 550 mm d= 16 mm
    39 W, length= 850 mm, d= 16 mm
    54 W, length= 1150 mm

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    at 10.07.2016:
    Very good choice for fresh water aquariums, have been using it for quite some time now in mine and my plants are flourishing!