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Arcadia T8 LED Lamp Tropical

for all fresh water aquaria.
Arcadia T8 LED Lamp Tropical

Arcadia T8 LED Lamp Tropical

fits into existing T8 lamps, for fresh water
 75 cm 56.95 EUR 
 90 cm 63.95 EUR 
 105 cm 67.95 EUR 
 120 cm 72.95 EUR 

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  • Arcadia T8 LED Lamp Tropical:
    + for all fresh water aquaria
    + 10,700 K
    + accentuates reds and blues
    + optimum light for photosynthesis
    + promotes plant growth
    + T8 lampholder attachments allow unit to retro fit into T8 fluorescent tube mounts
    + uses only 1/3 of the electricity and produces 70% more effective light
    + overall, 5x more light for every kilowatt hour
    + adds the ripple effect to your aquarium
    + long life span
    + keep your existing aquarium hood
    + waterproof (IP67)

    Arcadia T8 LED Tropical 60 cm: replaces 18 W T8 lamps, 36x 0.25 W LED = 9 W, diamter: 26 mm
    Arcadia T8 LED Tropical 75 cm: replaces 25 W T8 lamps, 45x 0.25 W LED = 11 W, diamter: 26 mm
    Arcadia T8 LED Tropical 90 cm: replaces 30 W T8 lamps, 54x 0.25 W LED = 13 W, diamter: 26 mm
    Arcadia T8 LED Tropical 105 cm: replaces 38 W T8 lamps, 63x 0.25 W LED = 16 W, diamter: 26 mm
    Arcadia T8 LED Tropical 120 cm: replaces 36 W T8 lamps, 72x 0.25 W LED = 17 W, diamter: 26 mmPlease note: These LED units are not compatible with Electronic Ballast Controllers.

    The Arcadia Classica T8 LED Lamp integrates an LED light source encased in a traditional fluorescent linear lamp fitting. The LED chips are waterproof inside a clear lens, allowing maximum natural light to flood the aquarium. The LED technology significantly reduces energy consumption to one third of the fluorescent equivalent, light output is an average 70% more, giving an overall 5x efficiency improvement. The comparison also indicates the life span is double, lasting 2x longer, reducing the need for lamp replacement. The light produced from LED also has more visual impact, using a series of spot light sources, it creates a dramatic ripple effect not possible with fluorescent lamps. Powered using traditional Magentic Controllers, the T8 LED Lamp is the most cost effective and easy way to fit LED, whether you are installing new aquarium lighting or simply upgrading from fluorescent lamps.

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  • Reviews for Arcadia T8 LED Lamp Tropical:
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    at 07.03.2017:
    Ich habe mir die Tropical T8 LED in Verbindung mit einer T8 LED Sunlight bestellt. Für den Single Betrieb ist die Tropical für meinen Geschmack zu dunkel,dafür kommen rot und blau Töne sehr gut zur Geltung.

    at 06.03.2016:
    thank you.super!!!

    at 24.09.2015:
    ich habe meine alte T8 Beleuchtung durch diese LED ersetzt und bin begeistert. Der Einbau ist einfach und schnell und das Licht kein vergleich zu vorher. Der Preis ist auch echt günstig.