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Arcadia Ultra Seal Electronic Double Fluoreszent Controller T5

Arcadia Ultra Seal Electronic Double Fluoreszent Controller T5
 2 x 24/39 W 49.99 EUR 
 2 x 54 W 55.95 EUR 

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  • Arcadia electronic double fluorescent controller T5:
    Please chosse your model:
    for two fluorescent lamps with 24 or 39 W
    for two fluorescent lamps with 54 W

    The electronic Arcadia Ultra Seal T5 fluorenszent controller is suitable outstanding for the installation into each aquarium cover. Use the fluoreszent controller alone, or as additional lighting. Likewise for terraria, vivaria etc. suitably. With waterproof (IP67) lampholders for maximum safety. Easy assembly, since already fixed and completely installs, extended lamp cable, so that you can accommodate the unit resource in the cabinet.

    Arcadia Ultra Seal Electronically version for the new T5 fluorescent lamps with more light power. The advantages of the electronically version are:
    - totally eliminates flicker
    - lower running costs because of lower power consumption
    - longer life time of the fluorescent lamps
    - more light power
    - essential lower heat output as of conventional ballasts

    For 16 mm diameter fluorescent lamps suitable.
    Dimensions Controller: 22x8x4 cm

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  • Reviews for Arcadia Ultra Seal Electronic Double Fluoreszent Controller T5:
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    at 13.01.2016:
    Die Steckverbindungen zu den Neonröhren sind etwas schwergängig, ist wohl notwendig damit kei Wasser eindringt. Funktioniert tadellos.

    at 19.01.2016:
    Ich habe die Lichteinheit 2x54 Watt mittlerweile seit 3 Jahren ohne Probleme im Betrieb. Ich bin mit der Qualität und den Befestigungsmöglichkeiten sehr zufrieden.

    at 13.12.2016:
    Very good T5 controller.
    Stay cool,even in summer.

    Easy installation.