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Dennerle CO2 Cyclo Turbo

Dennerle CO2 Cyclo Turbo

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  • The Dennerle CO2 Cyclo Turbo is a compact CO2 diffusor offering the ultimate in efficiency. Designed especially for larger aquaria up to approx. 750 l content and aquaria with a high CO2 requirement. With waste gas vent. Powered by motor filter or separate motor-driven pump.

    Mode of functioning Dennerle CO2 Cyclo Turbo:
    The CO2 is released at the opening of the CO2 hose which is located at the bottom of the Dennerle CO2 Cyclo Turbo. From here the bubbles rise, collecting under the individual steps of the turbo attachment. The water coming from the filter outlet or a separate pump whirls in a downward direction, past the CO2 bubbles which are held back in this way. As a result of this counter-current principle, which is commonly encountered in nature, the CO2 dissolves extremely quickly and effectively. The CO2-enriched water flows into the aquarium from the bottom end of the whirl chamber.

    While the CO2 dissolves into the water, other gases that occur naturally in aquarium water penetrate th CO2 bubbles. These so-called waste gases explain why the bubbles become smaller the further up the tank they rise but never dissolve completely. When the bubbles reach the head of the whirl chamber they already consist almost entirely od waste gases and contain barely any CO2 at all. Here they are drawn into the atomizer jet and split into thousands of tiny bubbles. This allows the remaining CO2 to dissolve before the waste gases are drawn off via specially designed waste-gas vent.

    The Dennerle Cyclo Turbo is simply connected to the filter outlet of the existing internal or external filter or is operated by means of a separate motor-driven pump. Dimensions: diameter: 5.5 cm, height: 16.5

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  • Reviews for Dennerle CO2 Cyclo Turbo:
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    at 23.01.2016:
    Guten Tag hier.
    Der Dennerle CYCLOMAT ist das BESTE was es an Einwäschgeräten
    für CO 2 gibt. Habe die Erfahrung von über 30 Jahren Aquaristik.
    Fahre u. a. ein großes Diskus-Becken. Da ich Pflanzen liebe habe
    ich mit diesem Gerät die opimale Lösung. Dank an Dennerle.

    at 14.02.2016:
    Die Funktion des Gerätes ist ausgezeichet und sehr effektiv. Leider ist das Gerät auch etwas klobig und die Verstellung der Wasserströmung schwierig, da der Verstellhahn mechanisch sehr schwer zu bedienen ist.