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Dennerle Carbo Elixier Bio

Dennerle Carbo Elixier Bio

Dennerle Carbo Elixier Bio

liquid carbon with plant fertiliser
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 250 ml 7.99 EUR (31.96 €/L) 
 500 ml 12.89 EUR (25.78 €/L) 

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  • Dennerle Carbo Elixier Bio is a liquid carbon fertiliser and the alternative to a CO2-fertiliser system at the aquarium.

    + provides a fast and lush plant growth
    + improves the ability of plants to compete with algae
    + based on natural raw materials
    + contains iron, manganese and pottasium
    + can also be used with an existing CO2-fertliser system
    + save for fishes and invertebrates
    + accelerates the growth of the aquarium plants

    Dosage of Dennerle Carbo Elixier Bio
    depends on the quantity of plants and their needs add 1-3 ml per 100 litres of water dialy. Do not exceed dosage! If the dosage is significantly exceeded by accident, carry out a partial water change immediately and aerate the aquarium water if necessary.
    250 ml are sufficient for 12,500 litres of aquarium water
    500 ml are sufficient for 25,000 litres of aquarium water.

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    at 11.06.2016:
    Sehr gute Ware, Blitzversand. Ich werde es auf jeden Fall wieder hier bestellen!