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Plant care > Fertilizers > Dennerle

white iron for rich green leaves
from 7.59 €*
Dennerle Perfect Plant E15 FerActiv
the professional fertilizer
from 6.95 €*
Dennerle Perfect Plant V30 Complete
Adds vitality to the aquarium
from 6.95 €*
Dennerle Perfect Plant S7 VitaMix
fertilisation system complete set
from 12.59 €*
Dennerle Perfect Plant System Set

special growth booster
from 7.89 €*
Dennerle PlantaGold 7
growing power for aquarium plants
from 5.95 €*
Dennerle Plant Elixir
Fertilizer balls for aquarium plants
from 4.79 €*
Dennerle Plant Deponit NutriBalls
special root fertilizer
from 5.59 €*
Dennerle PowerTabs

Makrodünger für Aquascaping-Aquarien
from 5.90 €*
Dennerle NPK Booster
from 5.90 €*
Dennerle Scaper’s Green
liquid carbon with plant fertiliser
from 7.95 €*
Dennerle Carbo Elixier Bio
active carbon CO2 fertiliser for fast plant growth
from 7.59 €*
Dennerle Carbo Booster Max

liquid carbon fertiliser for Nano aquaria
6.29 €*
Dennerle NANO Carbo Elixier Bio
Komplett-Dünger für Mini-Aquarien
5.45 €*
Dennerle Nano Daily Fertilizer