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Dennerle Osmose ReMineral+

Dennerle Osmose ReMineral+

Dennerle Osmose ReMineral+

multi.mineral salt for osmosis water
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 250 g 13.39 EUR (53.56 €/kg) 

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  • Dennerle ReMineral+ enriches osmosis water with all the important minerals which are required in an aquarium. This carefully balanced multi-mineral product is based on the natural composition of tropical waters. Total and carbonate hardness elements stabilise the pH value. Fish and plants are additionally supplied with valuable trace elements such as boron, fluorine, iodine and others besides. Vital B-vitamins offer protection from stress. Select organic substances activate the filter bacteria. Dennerle uses only extremely pure mineral salts of pharmaceutical quality. Dennerle ReMineral+ can be used to produce a quality of water corresponding to that of the native waters of tropical aquarium fish and plants. It is ideal for all fresh water aquaria, particularly discus!

    Ionic composition of Dennerle ReMineral+:
    Calcium 45.5 %
    Magnesium 9.5 %
    Sodium 33.5 %
    Potassium 11.5 %

    Hydrogen carbonate 45.5 %
    Sulphate 32.0 %
    Chloride 22.5 %

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    at 24.01.2016:
    Dennerle Osmose ReMiniral+ hilft Osmose Wasser zu sehr gutes Aquariumwasser aufzubereiten. TOP