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Dennerle Plant Tweezers Curved PLANTER

Dennerle Plant Tweezers Curved PLANTER

Dennerle Plant Tweezers Curved PLANTER

angled plant tweezers: 265 and 365 mm
 265 mm 9.90 EUR 
 365 mm 12.59 EUR 

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  • Dennerle Curved PLANTER is a professional plant tweezers for safe and fast planting of aquarium water plants. Also suitable for feeding of reptiles. Made of stainless steel and available in two lengths.

    Dennerle Curved PLANTER
    + made from stainless steel
    + available in the lengths of: 265 mm and 365 mm
    + angled version
    + very precise and valuable
    + for planting of water plants
    + for aquascaping
    + for the feeding of reptiles

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    at 31.10.2016:
    Schöne, wertige Pinzette. Praktisch beim Einsetzen von Wasserpflanzen.