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EHEIM classic 600 -2217-

EHEIM classic 600 -2217- the compact EHEIM external canister filter with all the benefits of the world famous classic filter technology. It is especially suited for larger aquariums up to 600 l. Its compact size means that it can be easliy fitted into most aquarium set-ups.
EHEIM classic 600 -2217-

  • Den wrote about EHEIM classic 600 -2217- in 2017:
    Very reliable and efficient filter, with a long history! I have these 2 working for 9 years in a 110 liter aquarium! It's the best option! Powerful, quiet and economical!

    Andrey K. wrote about EHEIM classic 600 -2217- in 2017:
    Тихий, надёжный фильтр

    Oleg A. wrote about EHEIM classic 600 -2217- in 2015:
    A good filter. I use it for mechanical filtration. It works quietly, but not immediately

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  • Boyan I. wrote about EHEIM classic 600 -2217- in January 2018:
    Can you please tell me if this is a complete set - with all the hoses and if it's ready to start working.  The filter Comes complete, with hoses, pipes and suction Cups, but any filter media is not included.