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EHEIM Power Diffusor

EHEIM Power Diffusor

EHEIM Power Diffusor

NEW suitable for hose and Installation kit
 400365 -12/16 6.55 EUR 
 400465 -12/16+16/22 6.55 EUR 
 400565 -16/22 6.55 EUR 

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  • The new EHEIM Power Diffusor supplies fresh air from the outside whose oxygen content aerates the water uniformly. The supply of oxygen is necessary particularly for sparsely planted aquariums, for cold and sea water tanks or for keeping oxygen-loving fish. Air should be supplied additionally whenever a cover or lighting system limits the headroom over the surface of the water. Otherwise the oxygen available from this area would soon be used up. The new EHEIM Power Diffusor is suitable for hoses with the indicated diameter and can be connected directly with the EHEIM Installation Kit 2.

    EHEIM Power Diffusor 400365 for Hose 12/16 mm and Installation Kit 2, suitbale for filter 2213, 2222/24, 2322/24
    EHEIM Power Diffusor 400465 for Hose 12/16 mm and 16/22mm and Installation Kit 2, suitbale for filter 2048, 2215/17, 2226/28, 2326/28, 2250
    EHEIM Power Diffusor 400565 for Hose 16/22 mm and Installation Kit 2, suitable for filter 2026/28, 2080, 2126/28, 2180, 2252, 2260

    The small diffuser is mounted at the end of the inlet hose close to the surface of the water and is fixed on the tank wall to create an injection angle which is as flat as possible. Simultaneously this effectuates an excellent movement of water. The air hose of the diffuser is led to a place outside the aquarium. The quantity of sucked air can be dosed with the aid of the enclosed pressure adjusting clamp as necessary. The diffuser mixes the supplied air flow with incoming water which is injected under the surface of the water by the pressure of the filter pump.

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    at 14.11.2015:
    ich habe den EHEIM Diffusor an meinem Ausströmer und er ist auf jeden Fall sinnvoll, wenn ihr Probleme mit Sauerstoff habt. LEISER als ein Luftheber und die Wasserbewegung wirklich gut (ich habe das POWER vergessen). Die Strömung ist wichtig für Fische und Wasser.

    at 27.03.2017:
    тихий я доволен