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Fluval Bio-CO2 Pro 250L USA

The Fluval Bio-CO2 Pro system offers safe, reliable, and environmentally-friendly CO2 delivery for aquariums up to 250 liters.

Fluval Bio-CO2 Pro 250L

Fluval Bio-CO2 Pro 250L

Practical CO2 system for aquariums up to 250L
no pressurised gas cylinder necessary
safe & reliable, long range
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  • Fluval Bio-CO2 Pro 250L
    + easy-to-use CO2 delivery system for aquariums up to 250 l
    + allows both new and experienced hobbyists to effortlessly grow and maintain vibrant live aquatic plants
    + safe low-pressure operation - 1.3 bar (vs. traditional high-pressurized systems 55-80 bar)
    + provides up to 30 days of reliable CO2 supply
    + CO2 production through a naturally occurring fermentation process involving sustainable raw materials
    + recharging convenience - no refilling high-pressure cylinders
    + Quick 4-step process requires less than 10 minutes per month to maintain
    + high-quality stainless steel reaction chamber with 100% silicone gasket prevents CO2 escape
    + adjustable bubble counter with precision regulator and nano bubble diffuser for accurate CO2 delivery
    + pressure release valve for additional security and peace of mind
    + starter Bio- CO2 Activator yeast and Booster tablets included
    + Refill Packs sold separately
    + CO2 long term test sold separately
    + developed in Germany

    Content Fluval Bio-CO2 Pro 250L
    Stainless-Steel Reaction Chamber
    adjustable bubble counter with precision regulator
    Nano Bubble Diffuser
    pressure Release Valve
    inline Check Valve
    airline with gas barrier 1.5 m
    Activator packet x 2
    Booster packet x 2

    The Bio-CO2 Pro system combines the safety of biological carbon dioxide production with the convenience of pressurized delivery. Offering simplicity and unparalleled performance in an easy-to-use format, Bio-CO2 delivers reliable and controllable CO2 through the naturally occurring fermentation process. With safe, low-pressure operation, it is the most secure, simple, and environmentally-friendly aquarium CO2 delivery system available. Unlike other Bio-CO2 systems, the Fluval Bio-CO2 system has a precision valve to control the CO2 flow. All accessories are included for immediate start-up and up to 30 days of operation.

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