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Giesemann Reflexx HQplus 2x150 W/2x30 W 120 cm
Giesemann Reflexx HQplus 2x150 W/2x30 W 120 cm

Giesemann Reflexx HQplus 2x150 W/2x30 W 120 cm

with HQI bulbs for more light
 silver-eloxal 579.90 EUR 
 titaniumsilver 655.90 EUR 
 diamond-black 655.90 EUR 
 perl gold 655.90 EUR 
 ocean blue 655.90 EUR 
 stone grey 655.90 EUR 
 polar white 655.90 EUR 

Price including german VAT plus shipping costs

  • technical data Giesemann Reflexx HQplus 2x150 W/2x30 W:
    - light power: 2x150 W metal halide lamps, 2x30 W fluorescent lamps
    - length: 1200 mm
    - width: 261 mm
    - digital ignition for the HQI lamps
    - silicone isolated circuits
    - HQI and fluorescent lamps separately switch
    - high-strength aluminium housing
    - Lateral cable outlet - top entry also available
    - fully reflective light surface using high gloss reflectors
    - steel wire suspension or wall mount bracket as an option (please order separately)
    - including Giesemann Megachrome HQI bulbs

    Illumination with halide lamps, like the Giesemann Reflexx HQplus, still provides the best visual impression with an open aquarium. The whole aquarium seems to be live and more vivid because of the glitter line effect in the water. With its slim and elegant design and the multiple positioning opportunities the new Giesemann Reflexx HQplus series is a very flexible lighting system which can be integrated easily in any environment. This sophisticated series is one of the top selling products for all those who like open topped aquariums, not only because of its competitive pricing, but also because aesthetically it stands out with its modern unobtrusive silver anodized surface. For those who want more colour in their environment we can offer a high gloss finished painting option in 6 standard colours. The Giesemann Reflexx HQplus lamp can be equipped with a stepless height adjustment system - just one movement and the lamp can be adjusted to the required position and stops automatically. As an option you can order a wall bracket or an ingenious tilting bracket which will allow the light to be mounted directly onto the aquarium as a luminaire. Your fish will appreciate this lighting improvement. Please oder the steel wire or the wall bracket separately.

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