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Giesemann System 230 T5 1x150 W/2x24 W 60 cm
Giesemann System 230 T5 1x150 W/2x24 W 60 cm

Giesemann System 230 T5 1x150 W/2x24 W 60 cm

compact lamp for fresh and marine water
 titanium silver 459.90 EUR 
 diamond black 459.90 EUR 

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  • technical data Giesemann System 230 T5 1x150 W/2x24 W
    - light power: 1x150 W metal halide lamp, 2x24 W T5 fluorescent lamp
    - Lenght: 600 mm
    - for aquaria up to max. 100x70 cm (Lenght x Width)
    - Aquarium height up to 70 cm in freshwater and up to 60 cm in marine water
    - axially and horizontally adjustable suspension system
    - digital igniters, low-loss ballasts
    - partial-printed UV-filter glasses
    - steel-wire suspension
    - computer-designed high-power reflectors
    - single power circuits

    Giesemann System 230 - Boasting a low-slung, gently contoured design, the fixture is crafted from a high quality extruded aluminium alloy, thus guaranteeing virtually noiseless operation and an exceptional quality finish. It incorporates low-loss ballasts and digital starters for optimum metal halide lamp control. The digital starter technology has the advantage of being particularly quiet with no startup noise at all, while the built-in electronics system shuts down defective lamps before they can damage the light. As you would expect, the fixture comes with low-loss, partially printed UV filters and parabolic, low-glare aluminium reflectors as standard. Among the carefully thought through design features of the Giesemann System 230 are ease of lamp replacement, when only one screw needs to be slackened, and the ability to adjust the fixture both vertically and horizontally to modify the light output to suit the individual requirements.

    The Giesemann System 230 T5 includes additional powerful T5 lamps which are switched separately from the halide bulbs. The fish in fresh-water aquariums will appreciate the fact that you can turn the light on/off in stages. If you use the System 230 in your salt-water aquarium you will see the corals grow much healthier and you will experience visually a very vibrant underwater world. This happens because the blue fluorescent lamps increase the spectral component of the light.

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