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Hydor Flo

Hydor Flo

Hydor Flo

universal, rotating water deflector
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  • Hydor Flo is a rotating deflector which, thanks to the supplied adaptors, can be connected to the water outlet of the pump or filter operating in your aquarium. The 360° rotation is guaranteed by the force of the water flow that passes through it, with no extra energy consumption.

    This is how the Hydor Flo works:
    The deflector rotates 360° pushed by the power of the flow rate which passes through a gearing. The water then creates a pleasant wave effect moving plants and/or anemones in a very natural way. This allows to increase considerably the oxygenation.

    The Hydor Flo is suitabe for all pumps or filters with flow rates approx. 300 up to 1200 l/h. The Hydor Flow is supplied with adaptors for the connection to almost any pump or filter outlet.

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    at 17.12.2015:
    This is a must for larger and effecient pumps and filters. It really helps to current a larger ammount of water flow and keeps every corner filtered. I love it.

    at 26.03.2017:
    Good idea. Works well when working. Jams up stops rotating constantly. Suggest a re-engineer even if it increases the price.