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Hydor Hydrokable Ground Heater 15 W

+ incl. stable suction cups.
Hydor Hydrokable Ground Heater 15 W

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  • technical data Hydor Hydrokable Ground Heater 15 W:
    + Heating Power: 15 W
    + Cable length: 3.30 m
    + for aquaria: 25 up to 40 litres
    + 230 V/50 Hz, with Euro plug
    + incl. stable suction cups

    The Hydor Ground Heater -Hydrokable- guarantees regular and even heating. It generates a slow water circulation through the material on the bottom of the tank, thus creating the natural effect of waterbearing stratum. The heating cable can be use in aquariums, als well as in terrariums. The double isolation of the cable guarantees a maxiumum safety. The set comes complete with stable suction cups for mounting the heating cable at the glass bottom of the aquarium.

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    at 18.04.2016:
    Eine dezente Alternative zum Heizstab. Bietet eine gleichmäßige Wärmeverteilung im Boden, wodurch auch das Pflanzenwachstum profitiert. Es war leicht und unauffällig einzubauen.