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IKS Dosing pump Vario Blue II

IKS Dosing pump Vario Blue II

IKS Dosing pump Vario Blue II

Permanent operation, capacity adjustable
  219.95 EUR 

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  • The dosing pump iks Vario Blue II is especially made for the operation in fresh or marine water aquaristic. The pump can be used in permanent operation (24/7). The flow-through rate is adjustable and can be set precisely. The iks Vario Blue II replaces the iks Vario Blue, Vario LP180 and Vario MP045.

    Applications: replacing evaporated water, topping up lime-water, operation of calcium reactors and nitrate filters, dosage of trace elements and plant fertilizers

    technical data iks Dosing pump Vario Blue II:
    + min. flow-through rate/minute: 7.0 ml/min.
    + max. flow-through rate/hour: 4.2 l/hr
    + for permanent operation
    + pressure: 0,5 bar
    + power consumption: 6 W
    + Dimensions: 150mm x 160mm x 90 mm

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    at 13.03.2016:
    Meiner Meinung die Beste Dosierpumpe auf den Markt. Sie hält konstant die eingestellte Wassermenge.