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JBL Artemio Pur

JBL Artemio Pur

Brine Shrimp eggs
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  • Freshly hatched Artemia nauplii (brine shrimp) are an indispensible live food to help you successfully rear young fish with minimum losses. These nauplii are easily hatched from JBL Artemio Pur Artemia eggs as required. The young fry of many species of fish can be fed with Artemia nauplii as soon as they start swimming. Very small young fish must first be fed on single-celled organisms (Paramecia) or JBL Nobilfluid, for example, until they have grown large enough to cope with Artemia nauplii.

    Instruction for use: JBL Artemio Pur Artemia eggs are bred in 2-3 per cent salt solution. This is most successful using JBL Artemio Sal. This special salt contains micro algae as an initial food and a buffer system for maintaining the optimum pH level. The JBL Artemio Set ensures successful breeding. In addition to a specially constructed culture container and an aerator pump, the set contains all the parts needed for easy and efficient breeding. Fill the container with approx. 0.5 l water and add 10 - 15 g salt and, as required, 1-3 dosage spoonfuls JBL Artemio Pur Artemia eggs. With vigorous aeration and a temperature of approx. 25°C, the nauplia will hatch in approx. 24 hours. At lower temperatures hatching is correspondingly slower. Aeration is vital, ensuring optimum hatching results and the provision of sufficient levels of oxygen. After hatching, aeration should be switched off. Within a few minutes the nauplii will collect an the floor of the container and the empty egg cases float to the surface. Depending on the intended use, the nauplii can either be sieved out or grown on in an aquarium.

    For optimum feeding of young fish, it is important that they are fed on nauplii which have hatched as recently as possible, as the nutrional value of the nauplii drops within hours of hatching.

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    at 19.04.2016:
    The eggs hatched well. It was a nice help to keep many baby fish.