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JBL ProFlora direct CO2 Inlinediffusor

JBL ProFlora direct CO2 Inlinediffusor

JBL ProFlora direct CO2 Inlinediffusor

high performance direct diffuser for CO2
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  • The new JBL ProFlora direct is a high performance direct diffuser for CO2. This practical CO2 direct diffuser saves a diffuser in the aquarium, a bubble counter as well as a check valve and due to ist unique functioning it also saves 20% CO2. The only prerequisite is the use of an external filter with a suitable hose connection. The direct diffuser needs to be integrated as close as possible to the external filter to extend the distance of the CO2 inside the hose as much as possible. A vertical mounting position ensures best readability of the bubble counter.

    JBL ProFlora direct CO2 Inline diffuser
    + CO2 direct diffuser for the connection to an external filter
    + as a result: no visible CO2 reactor inside the aquarium
    + up to 20% reduction of CO2 usage
    + modern cermaic PE hybrid membrane for uniform micro bubbles
    + integrated bubble counter
    + integrated check valve saves the CO2 system
    + compatible with all external filters (take care of the hose size)
    + for aquarium sizes from approx. 160 to 600 l
    + connection at the pressure side of the external filter
    + can be mounted with srews or suction cups
    + can be dismantled for cleaning
    + replacement membrane available separately

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    at 15.02.2016:
    Great product. You don't have a need to use those uggly diffusers in aquarium. Simply great. Just take a care to install it on pressure side and close to your external filter. Hose from CO2 must be long as much as possible to increase CO2 content.

    at 19.04.2017:
    best in class diffusor. helps avoid clutter inside tank and avoid fancy glass that is easy to break while cleaning. strong make as well