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JBL ProFlora m2003 CO2 Complete System

JBL ProFlora m2003 CO2 Complete System

JBL ProFlora m2003 CO2 Complete System

with refillable CO2 cylinder and pH Computer up to 1000 l
  472.90 EUR 

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  • JBL ProFlora m2003 is a modern and professional CO2 system for aquaria up to approx. 1000 litres content. The JBL ProFlora m2003 set is ready to use and comes with all neccessary parts for the easy and more reliably operation. JBL ProFlora m2003 is a CO2 system for refillable CO2 cylinders (m-system). But it can be canverted to disposable system (u-system) very easily with only changing the connector of the CO2 pressure regulator. So, in the holiday season, aquarium enthusiasts can quickly set up disposable reserve cylinders for whoever is looking after their aquarium while they are away. Also the system can be upgrated for larger aquariums with only a few handles. With JBL pH-Control Touch, the pH computer automatically regulates pH value and supply of CO2 into the aquarium with coloured touch display and temperature measurement.

    These are the features of the new JBL ProFlora m2003 CO2 fertilizer system:
    + Finally a CO2 system which can be converted from disposable cylinders (u-system) to refillable cylinders (m-system) in just seconds.

    + Extendable CO2 diffuser JBL Taifun: whenever more CO2 is needed, whether due to denser planting, a larger aquarium or because a lower pH level is required: the JBL Taifun can be easily extended at very little cost. So there is simply no need to buy a new bigger diffuser.

    + Complete solution: liquid fertilizer (JBL Ferropol) and daily fertilizer (JBL Ferropol 24) are already included. CO2 alone is not sufficient for luxuriant plant growth.

    + New pressure regulator JBL ProFlora u001/m001: in addition to the new feature that this pressure regulator now fits disposable as well as refillable cylinders (only dismantle or remove one locking nut), the pre-set operating pressure can also now be adjusted if required.

    + new and modern pH computer JBL ProFlora pH-Control Touch with coloured touch-display with user guiding, alarm function and temperature measurement.

    Technical data and content of the JBL ProFlora m2003 CO2 Fertilizer Set:
    - for aquariums up to approx. 1000 litres of water
    - refillable, certifies 2000 g CO2 cylinder JBL ProFlora m2000 SILVER with stand and cage
    - Professional CO2 pressure regulator JBL ProFlora m001 with 2 pressure gauges and precision needle valve. Using seperately available adapter, can also be used with disposable cylinders.
    - JBL ProFlora pH-Control Touch pH computer for automatically regulating of pH value and CO2 supply at the aquarium.
    - temperature sensor for the JBL pH-Control Touch (the pH electrode is not included)
    - 12 V JBL ProFlora v002 solenoid valve with electronic universal power supply unit fitting all common mains voltages worldwide. Only 0.8 W power consumption and no niose
    - Infinitely extendable CO2 passive reactor, JBL ProFlora Taifun 430 mm, with maximum diffusion rate of CO2 in aquarium water.
    - JBL ProFlora Count Safe bubble counter allows for easy monitoring of CO2 levels and safes the CO2-System for flowback of aquarium water into fittings and cylinder.
    - Long term permanent test shows the correct CO2 level.
    - 3 m JBL TopStop CO2 hose, JBL ProFlora T3, certified impermeable to CO2.
    - 2x 100 ml JBL Ferropol basis fertilizer and 10 ml JBL Ferropol 24 daily fertilizer provide plants with essential mineral nutrients and trace elements.

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  • Reviews for JBL ProFlora m2003 CO2 Complete System:
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    at 29.02.2016:
    Ich habe diese Anlage nun 2 Wochen an meinem großen 800 L Aquarium laufen. Die Bedienung des Computers ist wirklich einfach und übersichtlich. Alles geht leicht einzustellen, ohne eine Anleitung zu lesen. Meine Pflanzen wachsen seitdem sehr viel besser und das Klima im Aquarium hat sich insgesamt verändert. Alles sieht lebendiger aus.
    Ein dickes Plus auch an die Leute vom Aquaristikshop. Die Lieferung erfolgte schnell und ohne Probleme. Habe mit PayPal bezahlt.

    at 28.11.2016:
    Very affordable set up, and esay to use with an intuitive colourful user interface.