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JBL ProFlora pH-Control Touch

JBL ProFlora pH-Control Touch

JBL ProFlora pH-Control Touch

automatically regulates pH value and supply of CO2
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  • JBL ProFlora pH-Control Touch - the latest measurement and control technology measures the pH value and temperature and regulates the pH value and supply of CO2 reialby and fully automatically. This ensures luxuriant plant grwoth and healthy fish. The JBL ProFlora pH-Control Touch has a coloured touch display for easy operation as well as a whole range of useful features never before incorporated in equipment of this class. A simple multi-lingual menu guides you safely through all the functions. The complete equipment runs on low voltage (12 V), providing the highest possible safety.

    JBL ProFlora pH-Control Touch
    + Automatically regulates pH value and supply of CO2 with coloured touch display and temperature measurement.
    + Measurement through separately available pH electrode (replacement about once a year).
    + Direct user interface for pH value/temperature sensors.
    + Set pH value and actual pH value identification. Automatic calculation + supply of the required CO2 amount
    + Alarm function to warn of any out of range parameters.
    + Automatic calculation of the desired pH value depending on KH value.
    + Content: pH-Computer, Temperature sensor, Tray for calibration cell
    + please order pH sensor and solenoid valve separately
    + 4 years warranty.

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    at 11.04.2016:
    It's very good product when it works.
    For me this work under 48 hours and then the screen goes just blank and there is nothing i can do for now.
    I have contact for the support but i still haven't get any answers that how's the warranty work :(

    at 02.07.2016:
    I have it as well and it's great no any problems. I had a problem with the selonoid and pressure regulator but they have replaced it very fast. Unfortunately it can happen so better to call them by phone and send an email but you will get new one upon they receive the old one. That is all chiper and faster producrion without testing. But otherwise great product must have for CO2