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JBL Test Kit K -Potassium-

JBL Test Kit K -Potassium-

JBL Test Kit K -Potassium-

measuring of the potassium content
 Test Kit 18.99 EUR 
 Refill pack 13.25 EUR 

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  • The JBLTest Kit K Potassium is designed for measuring and doing routine checks of potassium content in freshwater and marine water aquariums within a range of 2 - 15 mg/l (ppm). Salt water has a potassium concentration of around 390 - 400 mg/l, which, however, is only consumed in small amounts. Excessively high potassium concentrations can endanger sensitive animals such as shrimp.

    Potassium is one of the macroelements which is absorbed very quickly and effectively within a few hours and stored temporarily by plants in fresh water. Growing plants require more potassium compared to other elements. As a result, potassium concentrations can drop to a minimum range, causing plant growth to stagnate, even if the aquarium water is fertilised regularly (e.g. weekly). Potassium levels in mains water are usually too low compared to natural biotopes, particularly with regard to calcium and magnesium concentrations. We recommend daily measurement of the potassium concentrations of your tank water initially. This enables you to determine the plants requirements and the corresponding correct dosing of the fertiliser. Afterwards, you can gradually change over to routine measurements carried out at longer intervals. Values of around 5 to 10 mg/l are generally required for good plant growth. In aquariums with a high rate of illumination of around 1 W/l illumination intensity and higher, the value should be between 10 and 20 mg/l. Higher potassium values in aquarium water favour growth of green blanket weed.

    JBL Test Kit K Potassium: sufficient for approx. 25 measurements. A refill pack ist available.

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    at 08.12.2015:
    We have long been waiting for. A very important component of the water can be measured. Very accurate. Test simple and fast.