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JBL Test Set KH -carbonate hardness-

JBL Test Set KH -carbonate hardness-
 Test-Set 7.99 EUR 
 Refill pack 4.55 EUR 

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  • Das JBL KH Test Set The JBL CH Test Set is an easy to use quick-test for determining the carbonate hardness or the antacid capacity of saltwater and freshwater. (Recommended level in freshwater: 4 - 8° dKH (GCH)). It corresponds thereby to 1 drop = 1 °dKH.

    -You can oder the complete test kit with coloure chart and test accessories or only the reagents at the refill kit.

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    at 07.09.2016:
    Great and very neccesary product for a high-tech aquarium.
    Thanks for all.