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JBL Testlab Koi

JBL Testlab Koi

JBL Testlab Koi

test kit for Koi proffesionals
  94.95 EUR 

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  • JBL Testlab Koi is a professional test laboratory for the safe analysis of all important water values for your koi pond. The testlab consists of 11 different tests for comprehensive water analyses of your pond.

    pH 3.0-10
    pH 7.4-9.0
    ammonium/ammoniac NH4/NH3
    nitrite NO2
    nitrate NO3
    phosphate PO4 sensitive
    phosphate PO4 KOI HIGH RANGE
    oxygen O2

    Waterproof plastic case with 6 glas cuvettes, 2 syringes, dosage spoons, thermometer, ballpoint pen and paper for taking notes. A compensation system allows for more precise color comparison.

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