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Sander Power Skimmer KA-WT 350

Sander Power Skimmer KA-WT 350

Sander Power Skimmer KA-WT 350

for aquaria up to 250 l, 35 cm level
  119.90 EUR 

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  • The Sander Power Skimmer KA-WT 350 is suitable as internal skimmer inside the aquarium or filter system. The Sander KA-WT 350 is a counterflow skimmer. Fine air-bubbles are rising upwards to the foam sieve against the downwards streaming water. This is the best way for the air bubbles to grasp ar dirt particles and protein compounds. Protein particles in the water combine with other contaminants and stick to air-bubbles. They go through the foam sieve and are carried off into the foam cup together with the foam which builds up within the foam tube. In this way dirt particles and toxic agents are removed from the water cycle and the water is enhanced with oxygen. The Sander KA-WT 350 Power Skimmer can be operated either in the condition as received with the wooden air stones or with the enclosed injector (air suction nozzle). The Power Skimmer can also be operated with Ozone and in freshwater as ozone reactor.

    Sander Power Skimmer KA-WT 350:
    + intensive foam production by counter flow
    + removal of toxic protein compounds
    + high enrichment of oxygen
    + large reaction tube
    + operation with injector (venturi) or air stones
    + operation with or without ozone
    + can be used as ozone reactor in freshwater
    + for aquaria up to approx. 250 l content and approx. 35 cm water level height

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