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Sera COČ-Start

Sera COČ-Start

Sera COČ-Start

COČ Supplement for small aquaria
  14.89 EUR 

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  • sera COČ start. The sera COČ diffusion reactor for healthy aquarium plants. The sera COČ-Start is a simple-to-use system for releasing a measured amount of COČ to your aquarium plants. When inserted in the plastic COČ diffusion reactor, each sera COČ-Tabs plus tablet dissolves within a few hours, diffusing 100 ml of COČ into the water. The constant water action from the filter ensures a well-dispersed and long-lasting supply of nutrients to the plants. 20 sera COČ-Tabs plus sufficient for up to 2 1/2 months

    - 1 diffusion reactor
    - 20 sera COČ-Tabs plus
    - direction for use

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    at 01.05.2016:
    Ideal si quieres in iniciarte el munco del co2 y tu acuario en menos de 30litros