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Sylvania T8


Sylvania Aquastar T8

Sylvania Aquastar T8

Sylvania Aquastar T8

simulates tropical light spectrum
 15 W 9.95 EUR 
 18 W 11.80 EUR 
 25 W 12.99 EUR 
 30 W 11.95 EUR 
 36 W 13.95 EUR 
 38 W 12.99 EUR 
 58 W 15.50 EUR 

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  • The Sylvania Aquastar fluorescent lamp provides natural living conditions for all organisms in fresh- or sea water aquariua. A range of 10.000 K tubes developed to promote the growth of coral and aquatic plants by simulating lighting conditions found in their natural environment. The Sylvania Aquastar promotes the growth of corals and aquatic plants through high emission in the red and blue light spectrum. Colour Rendering Index Group: 3.

    Sylvania Aquastar:
    + Light colour: 10000 Kelvin (simulating the tropical light spectrum)
    + Promotes the growth of coral and aquatic plants through natural red and blue sections of the light spectrum
    + Excellent lighting performance
    + For all biological organisms in fresh and marine water aquariums

    the Sylvania Aquastar bulb is available in the follwoing wattages:
    15 W, length: 438 mm, d: 26 mm, Lumen: 650
    18 W, length: 590 mm, d: 26 mm, Lumen: 900
    25 W, length: 742 mm, d: 26 mm, Lumen: 1500
    30 W, length: 895 mm, d: 26 mm, Lumen: 1700
    36 W, length: 1200 mm, d: 26 mm, Lumen: 2200
    38 W, length: 1047 mm, d: 26 mm, Lumen: 2100
    58 W, length: 1500 mm, d: 26 mm, Lumen: 3550

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    at 03.12.2015:
    Benutze schon seit Jahren im MW-Aquarium immer "meine" Aquastar und bin zufrieden. Der Preis ist Top und angenehmens, bläuliches Licht für Korallen und Fische!