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+++++NEW JBL CO2 Technology 2021+++++

With Basic, Advanced and Professional, JBL is launching 3 lines with CO2 technology that are perfectly tailored to the needs of users. As before, all systems are available with disposable and reusable cylinders and now, brand new, also without CO2 cylinder (System V). The new pressure reducers impress with their chic design and a lot of new features.

+++++NEW JBL CO2 Technology 2021+++++

Bio CO2 system for aquariums from 10-40 l
8.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Starter Bio Set
Bio CO2 system for aquariums from 40-80 l
26.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Basic Bio Set
Bio CO2 system for aquariums from 40-110 l
37.85 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Advanced Bio Set
CO2 Disposable system in 3 expansion stages
from 105.85 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Basic Set
with extended functionality, 3 versions
from 189.85 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Advanced Set

profi CO2 system with pH control
from 379.85 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Professional Set
pressure regulator for disposable and refillable cylinders
52.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Regulator Basic -Druckminderer-
pressure regulator with gauges for CO2 cylinders
109.85 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Regulator Advanced -Druckminderer-
pressure regulator with gauges and solenoid valve
159.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Regulator Professional -Druckminderer-
silent solenoid valve for regulated CO2 addition
87.85 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Valve -Magnetventil-

laboratory-quality pH electrode with BNC connector
78.85 €*
JBL ProFlora pH Sensor Set -Elektrodenset-
Complete set to for pH electrodes
13.85 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Kalibrierset
automatic CO2 addition and pH regulation
209.85 €*
JBL Pro Flora CO2 Control -CO2/pH- Steuerungscomputer-