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Aqua Medic T-meter twin

Aqua Medic T-meter twin

Aqua Medic T-meter twin

showing aquarium and ambient temperature
  10.50 EUR 

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  • Aqua Medic T-meter twin is an extern double display thermometer. Large double LCD display simultaneously showing aquarium & ambient temperature.

    + selectable temperature unit: C or F
    + with adhesive tape at back side for easy putting on aquarium tank
    + ambient: 10 ~ +50 C (14~+122 F)
    + Aquarium: 50 ~ +70 C (58 ~ +158 F)
    + resolution: 0.1 C / 0.1 F
    + accuracy: 1 C (2 F)
    + power supply: 1.5 V (AG10)

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  • Reviews for Aqua Medic T-meter twin:
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    at 09.01.2017:
    The measurements does well on both sides. Display looks pleasant. Digits are big enough. It is not very convenient to place battery in it's place. I don't like the way, as fish picture and firm's name are done, they are not sharp. As a whole, I like this device: nice-looking and correct working.

    at 17.03.2017:
    Nicht brauchbar
    Evtl.aus China