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Aqua Medic reactor 1000

Aqua Medic reactor 1000

Aqua Medic reactor 1000

CO2 reactor for large aquaria
  73.95 EUR 

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  • ca. 80 mm
    The Aqua Medic reactor 1000 is a effektive CO2 reactor for large aquaria. The reactor 1000 is a hermetically sealed unit for introducing CO2 into larger aquariums. The universal mounting plate enables it to be mounted outside the aquarium or inside the cabinet. The installation inside the aquarium is alos possible. This powerful unit can supply aquaria up to 2,000 litres (c. 500 gallons) with CO2. With 12/16 mm hose tails.

    - required pump power: 1,000 - 2,000 l/h. (c. 250 - 500 gal.)
    - total height: app. 37 cm (c. 15") app. 8 cm (c. 3")

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  • Reviews for Aqua Medic reactor 1000:
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    at 14.03.2016:
    Excellent reactor!
    I use it in a tank of 200 liters.
    Do not underestimate the flow of water when connected to an external filter, because It has an inlet 1/2 ".
    Maximum dilution gas in the reactor!
    Very high quality made.
    Various mounting options.
    Highly recommend!