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AQUAEL External Filter Hypermax 4500 BT USA

The AQUAEL Hypermax 4500 BT is a large canister filter with intuitive electronic operation suitable for all aquarists.

AQUAEL External Filter Hypermax 4500 BT

AQUAEL External Filter Hypermax 4500 BT

adjustable power filter for aquariums 200-1500 l
separately accessible pre-filter
control with a Bluetooth app
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  • AQUAEL Hypermax 4500 BT is a modern large canister filter that will provide excellent filtration quality even in the largest aquarium tanks. Intuitiveness, electronic operation and safety of use make the filter suitable for both experienced and beginners aquarists. New possibilities for controlling aquarium filtration with the AQUAEL Hypermax 4500 BT! Accessing the filter functions of your aquarium has never been so intuitive and advanced! The AQUAEL Hypermax 4500 BT, the latest version of our powerful filter, introduces a revolutionary control feature with the Aquael BT app using Bluetooth technology. Immerse yourself in the world of modern aquaristics with a full range of innovative features that allow you to customise and optimise the conditions in your aquarium.

    High quality, for which products have been famous for nearly 40 years Aquael brand, guarantees reliability and durability of operation. The AQUAEL Hypermax 4500 BT has a huge filter volume of 31 liters with a filtration capacity of 15.9 liters. This, together with the most efficient, energy-efficient and electronically controlled pump on the market, determines the ability to handle aquariums with a large range of capacity: from 200 to as much as 1500 liters. A set of 2 inlet hoses and 2 outlet hoses ensures adequate water circulation throughout the aquarium, effectively preventing the formation of dead zones in the aquarium.

    The AQUAEL Hypermax 4500 BT revolutionises the way you maintain your aquarium by giving you full control over filter functions without having to physically approach the aquarium. Take advantage of a range of advanced features specifically designed to optimise your aquarium's water quality and make maintenance as efficient and convenient as possible. With programmable flow modes that can be perfectly tailored to the needs of your aquarium. This includes a special feeding time setting that ensures your fish are fed at the best time for them, without interfering with the filtration process. Choose from a variety of flow modes such as constant, pulsed, sinusoidal or intermittent to match the filter operation to the animals and plants in your aquarium. Different 'Wave Modes' allow you to simulate natural environmental conditions that stimulate fish and plants to grow and feel healthier. An intelligent day and night mode automatically adjusts to light conditions to ensure optimum filter performance around the clock, while the integrated PIN lock and fault monitoring provide additional security and control. So you can always be sure that your aquarium system is protected and operating efficiently. In addition, the system provides an interactive filter performance graph that gives you a detailed insight into the filter's efficiency and allows you to make adjustments to continually improve water quality.

    The capacious 1.5-liter prefilter built into the lid of the unit effectively traps large debris, which significantly reduces the frequency of servicing the filter. Cleaning the prefilter itself is very simple and does not even require removing the pump head completely or removing the device from the cabinet. Just lift the lid, remove the sponge from the basket and rinse it under running water. Aquarists know that a sensitive stage of work that requires access to the inside of the filter is usually disconnecting the inlet and outlet hoses from the device. The remaining water in the filter usually spills out onto the floor, causing justifiable irritation. To avoid this, the AQUAEL Hypermax 4500 BT uses a patented system of double ball valves. They simultaneously close the filter's inlet and outlet in the lid and the lumen of the hoses and block the uncontrolled escape of water. Self-pouring filterAll you need to do is make 2 to 4 movements with the plunger and you're done. The filter will be flooded with aquarium water and is ready for start.The AQUAEL Hypermax 4500 BT is delivered complete and ready for connection with all installation accessories. Hoses, pipes, outlet pipes, suction cups and filter cartridges are included. Two empty filter baskets can be filled individually with the desired filter material

    technical data AQUAEL Hypermax 4500 BT
    for aquariums from 200 up to 1500 l
    pump output: 4500 l/H (2600 l/h with filter media)
    delivery head: 2.0 m
    pump output adjustable
    power consumption: 18-36 W
    electronically controlled by Bluetooth
    safety low voltage: 24 V
    power supply: 100-240 V 50-60 Hz
    filter volume: 31 L
    volume filter media basket: 3 l
    prefilter: 1,5 L, separately accessible
    quite filter operation: 24-44 dB
    number of filter baskets: 4
    hose size: 19/25 mm
    hose length: 4x 1,5 m
    self priming system
    double ball valve systeme
    4 casters on the bottom
    dimensions: 36 x 36 x 55.5 cm (length x width x height)
    produced in Europe

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    Manual AQUAEL External Filter Hypermax 4500 BT
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