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AQUAEL External Filter Multikani 800 USA

AQUAEL Multikani 800 is an all-rounder external filter for aquariums, easily expandable and customizable with different filter modules.

AQUAEL External Filter Multikani 800

AQUAEL External Filter Multikani 800

universal, extendable external filter
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  • The AQUAEL Multikani 800 is a unique all-rounder and a convenient external filter for any application. The highlight of the Multikani is its easy expandability by additional filter modules. To extend the filter, you do not even have to drain the water or remove the installation. The extension can practically be carried out during operation. Each filter module can be filled individually. If, for example, you need to filter through activated carbon for a short time after a medication treatment, a module with activated carbon is simply inserted quickly and removed just as quickly when the intended use is complete. Another example is a too high phosphate level in the aquarium water. With any other filter, you first have to laboriously clear a filter basket to place a phosphate remover there. Not only do you have to do without other filter material during this time, it is also time-consuming. With the AQUAEL Multikani, simply insert a module with the phosphate binder and the job is done. An upgrade of 7 modules (8 modules in total) is possible without changing the pump.

    The AQUAEL Multikani can be used as the main external filter or as an additional external filter at the Aquarium. The compact external filter is driven by a small, powerful pump which is integrated into the hose line at any point. The pump can be installed both inside and outside the tank. The filter is also ideally suited for tanks with low water levels (e.g. turtle tanks). The AQUAEL Multikani has many other advantages. For example, the flow rate is easily and continuously adjustable with one lever. The hose connection adapter is automatically closed when unlocked, which makes the installation of stopcocks unnecessary. There is no need to switch off the pump, because a bypass is automatically created when the lever is closed, so that the pump can simply continue running.

    AQUAEL External filter Multikani 800

    1. universal, versatile, expandable external filter for aquariums from 20-320 l
    2. can be used as main- or additional filter
    3. easy operation and maintenance
    4. can be extended by separately available modules
    5. can be extended to up to 8 modules
    6. module change with a few simple steps during operation
    7. comprehensive range of additional modules with different filter media
    8. modules can be individually filled with any filter material
    9. arrangement of the modules completely free selectable
    10. driven by an external pump
    11. energy-saving pump
    12. exceptionally quiet operation due to ceramic shaft
    13. powerful, safe and reliable
    14. high-quality and durable workmanship
    15. delivery including complete installation accessories

    technical data AQUAEL Multikani 800
    for aquariums from 20-320 l
    pump capacity: 800 l/h
    Pump height: 90 cm
    power consumption: 230V/50 Hz, 6 W
    module volume: 1.0 L
    dimensions: height incl. Hose connections 18.5 cm, diameter approx.13 cm
    dimensions pump: length: 16 cm, diameter: 6 cm
    in the basic equipment one modlu included
    modul filled with ZeoMAX Plus and filter sponges
    Tube size: 14/18 on both sides
    grey-transparent hoses included (2x approx. 1.20 m each)
    comprehensive installation accessories such as suction and pressure bends, inlet strainer, elbows, suction cups and clips, as well as silcone lubricant for the sealing rings included
    suitable for fresh and sea water

    Brochure AQUAEL External Filter Multikani 800
    Manual AQUAEL External Filter Multikani 800
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  • Reviews for AQUAEL External Filter Multikani 800:
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    at 18.10.2023:
    Sehr gut bin sehr zufrieden
    Finde das gut mit der per Nachnahme bestellen kann

    at 30.04.2021:
    It says add on as many baskets as you want.. this pump is just about powerful enough for 2 baskets, in my opinion, and suitable for fish that don’t like too much water movement since the flow is a bit lazy even in max position

    at 28.11.2020:
    in respond to the up coment Sera Prefix. I have six sera prefix and tree aquael uvc lamps.

    at 10.03.2020:
    Der Multikani ist top, weil sehr vielseitig. Ich habe keine Ahnung, aber ich glaube, so was gibt es von keiner anderen Marke. Habe zwei Stück davon bei mir im Einsatz

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