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Dennerle Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex

Dennerle Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex

Dennerle Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex

prevention against algae
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 500 g 15.29 EUR (30.58 €/kg) 
 1000 g 21.29 EUR (21.29 €/kg) 

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  • Algae are a natural component in every body of water, including garden ponds. As one of the most important links in the food chain, they form the basis of life for many organisms which inhabit garden ponds and produce vital oxygen. Consequently, the aim should not be to achieve an algae-free garden pond, but only to avoid large-scale algae infestations. The timely use of Dennerle Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex offers particularly effective protection. Dennerle Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex removes algaes primary nutrient, phosphate, thus depriving algae of their essential nutrient base. They subsequently starve to death. The less phosphate the water contains, the less algae will grow. Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex is able to lower the phosphate content to under 0.03 mg/l, thereby effectively preventing large-scale algae infestations. Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex combats the cause of algae infestations, not just the symptoms!

    The highly effective phosphate binder lanthanum is coupled with a natural clay mineral. In addition to binding phosphate in the free water, Dennerle Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex also encloses the pond bed like a protective shield. In this way it additionally prevents the release of phosphate from the sediment, where it is continuously formed as a result of microbiological degradation processes. This results in a particularly long-lasting and sustained effect. Excellent bio-compatibility – harmless for all pond-dwelling creatures. Dennerle Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex provides an effective means of preventing algae when used in good time – ideally in February/March.

    + Combats algae by depriving them of vital nutrients
    + Helps prevent the release of phosphate from the pond bed
    + With lanthanum ion technology: Fast, effective, completely tolerable for all pond-dwelling creatures

    Dosage Dennerle Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex: 50 g for 1000 l pond water. 500 g are sufficien for 10,000 l water, 1000 g are sufficient for 20.000 l water.

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