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Dennerle KH+ Elixier

Dennerle KH+ Elixier

Dennerle KH+ Elixier

lquid water hardener
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  • Dennerle KH+ Elixier is a liquid water hardener for rapid and easily setting of the ideal carbonate hardness of the aquarium water. The carbonate hardness forms the crucial buffer system in an aquarium. It prevents excessive variations in the pH value, which would have adverse effects on fish and plants. Many popular aquarium fish require a higher level of carbonate hardness than tap water is able to offer. The carbonate hardness in aquarium water may also be reduced as a result of various processes (biogenic decalcification, nitrification). The carbonate hardness should thus be checked on a regular basis and kept to a level in keeping with the needs of the fish in the aquarium.

    Dennerle KH+ Elixier
    + increases and stabilises pH values that are too low
    + perfect for all fish, which require a higher carbonate hardness, such as guppies, mollies and East African cichlids

    Dosage of Dennerle KH+ Elixier:
    Add 20 for 100 litres of aquarium water increase the carbonate hardness by 0.6° dH and the conductivity by approx. 20 µS/cm. One srew cap corresponds to approx. 20 ml. Do not harden the water by more than 2° d per day.

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