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Dennerle Nano Daily Fertilizer

Dennerle Nano Daily Fertilizer

Dennerle Nano Daily Fertilizer

Komplett-Dünger für Mini-Aquarien
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  • For lush and healthy growth, every plant requires a defined amount of different nutrients. The absence of only one vital element is sufficient to stunt plant growth. They may develop visible symptoms such as poor growth and pale, yellow or glassy leaves. Weak plants are susceptible to algae growth. The situation with regard to nutrients in an aquarium is quite an unusual one: Some nutrients which enter the aquarium with the food, are available in abundance. Other nutrients are either consumed rapidly, or are not present at all. This is particularly true of mini aquaria, as the smaller an aquarium is the less buffer capacity it possesses and the more sensitive it is to deficiency situations.

    Dennerle Nano Daily Fertilizer is tailored specifically to the sensitive nutrient situation in mini aquaria. It supplies aquarium plants on a daily basis with all the nutrients they need for strong, lush growth. Valuable trace elements such as iron and manganese provide for rich green leaves. Red and reddish-brown leaf colours are intensified, while attractive leaf markings are enhanced. Dennerle Nano Daily Fertilizer specifically fills nutrient gaps, strengthens plants and helps to counter stagnant growth. Highly-effective protective shells – so-called chelates – mean that the nutrients remain available to plants for a long time. Deficiency symptoms are eradicated on a lasting basis, new leaves display a rich green colouring again. Phosphate- and nitrate-free – does not promote algae growth. Guaranteed safe for all shrimps, crabs and other invertebrates.

    Dennerle Nano Daily Fertilizer:
    Normal dosage: 1 drop to 10 l of aquarium water once a day
    Initial dosage for aquaria which have not previously been fertilized: 6 drops to 10 l of aquarium water, in order to establish a certain initial level of nutrients.
    Weekly fertilizer: As the nutrients are protected by chelate shells, Dennerle Nano Daily Fertilizer can also be used on a depot basis, adding 7 drops to 10 l of aquarium water on a weekly basis.

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  • Reviews for Dennerle Nano Daily Fertilizer:
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    at 31.01.2016:
    I use this every day in my 10l nano tank, the plants are outstanding. and grow very well

    at 11.03.2017:

    at 27.02.2017:
    Dennerle Nano Daily Fertilizer is wonderful, balanced fertilizer for nano aquariums.It`s very easy to use. Recommend